Welcome Nurses

Welcome Nurses. . . the purpose of this site is to assist you in living your best life, one of complete wellbeing, balance and peace while you care for others.

Isn’t it interesting that women and men who follow the path of nursing because they enjoy caring for, nurturing and assisting others to heal traumas, wounds and illness, often neglect to treat themselves in the same caring and nurturing way?

Why is this so often the story?

Over the course of the past ten years working with people from all walks of life, through coaching and workshops, there are some common threads that appear in our conversations around this topic when it comes to nurses.

It is uncovering and tugging on those threads to unravel the mystery and to weave a new way of being that will be the purpose of this site in addressing self care for nurses.

Whether you are new to this site or a repeat visitor, I invite you to visit a new site of mine and my biz partner that focuses on helping teams and businesses build positive, productive and profitable workplace cultures. Triumph Leadership Group has more support waiting for you so you can feel, be and do your best!

Be well….be kind!


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